Frontline WB Pants

These pants stands out due to its lightness and smoothness. The perfect pants for dog keepers in difficult terrain with the risk of close encounter with the game. The hunter also experiences the Frontline Pants as quiet and smooth.

This Frontline is a functional pants with the latest technology in tear strength and elastic fabrics. The Rip-stop fabric in orange or green stands out due to the incredible durability and tear strength. The lightly brushed surface makes the fabric silently and smoothly. Fabric elastic properties in four directions means that jacket do not prevent body movements. The body’s own control garment fit. Rip-stop technique works by using an internal pattern of strong fibers that captures any tags or dry twigs. The result is a small wire damage, “knot” just described where the tag instead of a shredded fabric.

The black Strong Flex fabric consists of 14% Kevlar and elastic Cordura. This combination provides an incredible tear resistance and very good protection against external influences such sharp spikes, dry twigs and barbed wire. Strong Flex is also very strongly against direct injury.

Woodline Frontline WB is equipped with a wind and waterproof lining. Because of the great flexibility of the liner can not be taped seams. This can mean that the moisture can pass through the seams in very wet conditions.

These Frontline Pants have an extra reinforcement of Strongflex throughout the branch. The pants is fitted with two cargo pockets that closes with proof zippers. Tighten the strap at the bottom effectively locks the pants around the boot. Size 46-60.

3395 sek

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