Woodline Chair backpack

Chair Backpack with aluminum frame and good seat height which is equipped with good support.

You open the cover forward, which creates an unloading table where your cup and sandwiches can be easily placed. Inside the backpack there are two support rails which supports the table and at the same time keeps the opening easy accessible.

There are two thermos pockets and one storage pocket on the outside of the backpack. You can find two mesh pockets on the inside, that have place for a thermos if you prefer to store your thermos more centrally in the bag. The bag consists of a waterproof, soft microfibre and is lined with a black nylon fabric. No taped seams.

Volume of the bag 35 liters.

The chair is made of aluminum to make it as easy as possible. The seat is reinforced with two shoulder straps for extra support. Its height is about 55 cm.

A strap is mounted on the frame’s lower part to avoid the chair cracking due to improper loading. The outer frame is wrapped with genuine leather to not damage the weapon or cause noise. The backpack can be easily disconnected from the chair and be worn separately.

1795 sek

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